Interesting read.. Captivating and Eye Catching.. “Supreme court sraps UPA’s 2G Illegal Sale”. What a start to the Year. An investigation started one year ago and the SC coming thundering down steam rolling all culprits in its path, and having the tenacity and the guts to quash not one, not ten, but 122 licences, all across the country.The impact no doubt will be big, and one report quotes SBI having a Rs 45k Cr exposure. Money, no doubt is a big issue, considering the number of players, however what is key, is the image bashing that the Government will have to go through. How do you inform the world, that the we sold you something that was tainted all across?Possibly, they (Govt) knew. Possibly they¬†endorsed it. Deals like these do not walk alone. They need crutches. Where the crutch originates from, no one really is worried. As long as there is a crutch.Of course the next few months would see a lot of appeals, media comments, TV channels, all giving in their own views with animated screens coming down 25 times in one minute, making a mockery of the event with flashy, booming voice overs coming in from behind.

But, what of the Corporate world? The Tata’s, the Birla’s, the Ambani’s. They are the images that the world sees as representatives of India. They too have been a part of the scam. It woudl simply not be possible, that they would have known that all is clean. The fact that many of them are being fined by the SC, speaks of their involvement in this.

The beureaucrats, no doubt will have a field day. Kapil Sibal blames Raja, the BJP asks the ex FM to quit, and of course there will be many more.. Congress blames the BJP as they did the initial draft by the then Telecom Minister.. and I distintctly recall that when the auctions took place, the BJP took credit as their brain child.. Today, all is forgotten, the blame game starts, the finger pointing.. How many more will be indicted is an open question, but once again the sufferrer will be the common man. Imagine millions of subscribers impacted due to this.

No doubt cleaning dirty laundry is never easy, and full Kudous to the SC of India, who once again showed their impartiality and put the National interest before any thing else. A judiciary that is independent of such baggage is necessary in a democracy, that still leaves hope for the future.

Anna Hazare, speak up!!!