Speech by Coca Cola CEO

Got this on a FB post.. Nothing new, has been going around for a couple of years, always crops up now and then, you have people sharing a like, a Share, a comment, very good, so true, excellent, wonderful thoughts, and all the blah blah blah that comes along with it…

Is it bad? Is it wrong? No. What has been stated is so very true, and there have been a number of such thought provoking speeches over the years that we have read and will probably continue to read. The Dhirubai Ambani’s, the Narayanan Murthy’s, the Lee Iacoca’s and all.. I totally agree, there has to be a balance of all, but at what stage?
Does this appy to a person starting his career? Can a fresher out of college go with this attitude? Can a person who has not had a job for months, think this way, that he will work efficiently and will leave on time. Who guarantees no retrenchments? Who gurarantees a Job? Who assures that what will be considered will be the efficiency of the work, not the fact that people have done their job and left on time.
In this world of man eat man, where even dog does not eat a dog, can this be said to be true all across. May be yes, once you reach a point in life, a certain destination, a certain goal, but the fact is, that you cannot have this 100% applied.. Bryan Dyson may have stated what he might have followed after becoming a CEO, however has he mentioned any of the hard nights that he might have gone through to reach that post?
I am just reminded of Ratan Tata’s comment when he wanted to have a meeting in Jaguar after taking over.. The fact that people were not available after office hours, was an upsetting factor. The fact that people did not consider long travelling visitors who came to meet, was upsetting.. And by no means, is Ratan Tata a small grocery owner.. Who does one follow..
For me.. It is your call.. You know best, when to stop.. Work will never finish, however one should know where the line draws. No doubt what Dyson says is true, and certainly there has to be a balance, and every one has their own markers.