This is the second of my posts on a Daily Prompt where in the prompt being to apologize to inanimate objects that one feels have been wronged. My first post, A Car Wronged, is specifically dedicated to Cars, the post below a universal apology to quite a few other objects that too deserve our thoughts to..


– The Couch:
For being jumped upon from 20 different angles and going through every pressure of our lives that we cannot handle.


– The TV Remote Control:
For being a punching bag, depending our mood. Nothing on our mind, we simply press it until it no longer functions. Leave aside the fact that it needs batteries to run, we slap it hard to get that extra power from the power cells, rather than revive it.

– The Dining Chair:
We never pick you up, rather, we drag you across the floor and then wonder, why you die out so fast.

– The Car:
As in my other post, for waking it from slumber and making it run in less than 10 seconds.

– The Recliner:
Depends how far back we would like to go. Just because we want to relax we pull your parts out. Every time we remember something, we slam you in.

– The Toothbrush:
Expecting you to clean our teeth when we could have done better by eating smart. Usage is fine, but using them until the strands are about to fall, and then once the brushes are half dead, used for cleaning combs.

– The Whisky Bottle:
For taking the blame when we have no control on what we drink and how much we drink and once tipsy, we say words that we never meant to. Apologies done next day to people and the blame goes to the bottle.


– Guns:
For letting us maim / kill people and then making you the fall guys as the killers.

– Last but not the least: The Throne.
We sit on you for what seems like ages, dump all our garbage that resides inside of us, including filling you up with our gases and stinks but expect you to smell like a rose. Even after being used for two hours.

A second post, in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”