Venice over, next stop was Florence. A name associated with Florence of Nightingale, but more an Art capital of Italy. A place where the Renaissance began, and the start of a new era.
First stop was the Duomo, a simple church built centuries ago, and yet retaining its elegance. There was nothing magical about the Church, a simple place to pray, no grand tours, no huge lanes going around in circles, as most churches that we had visited had.. This simply had a grand empty place (obviously, during prayer times at main events, the pews are put in place), but the simplicity was just the artwork.
The external was as simple and yet as grand and the internal was as simple but elegant. The Artwork, though not out of the world, was as stunnig as had been at the other Churches that we had been to.. The work of the Masters was there for all to see, inscribed on every wall, every ceiling, for posterity.. One could only continue to gape at the amazing work that had been done centuries ago, and yet looked fresh, as if done just recently. The carvings on the Duomo was mind boggling, every piece showing an element of the era that was, and at the same time, a facet of Christianity, that being the religion of Europe. Every Disciple, every God, every Angel, were in some ways inscribed on to each of the monuments that were built so painstakingly beautifully, never knowing that these works of Art would be the beginning of a new era.
Post the Duomo visit, we headed off to the Signoria Square, another square, that simply had breathtaking artwork built all around. One could simply lose oneself in the atomosphere for hours, where time simply stood still. Did the people who ever built these monuments, ever think of tourism, or was it simply their devotion to Art, that made them come out with the best of their times..
Creativity knew no bounds and I guess, that is where the Renaissance flourished, had there been curbs in terms of expressions, oh what an era would have been lost. Art as one would say, in its very naked form. Men, women, children, all reflected in their true sense of their being, and that is what gave credence to creativity.
Statuettes of Amerigo Vespuci, Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, all were present overlooking the square.. It was a credit to their talents and their genius, that a lot of the cultures that exist today, owe their very existence to them. The added difference is that they get their due..
Journey over, an eventful day, headed off to Rome, the capital city of Italy, which was ofcourse the center of it all.. After all, the saying did say.. All roads lead to Rome.. A sleep over there and then off to the Vatican…