Not a philosophical thought or that I am turning spiritual, but the last few weeks have been interesting and challenging. A combination of various factors, some internal, some external and as many people on this planet think (at times), what was going wrong, or why am I so stressed up? Various answers, some sensible, some insensible (we all go through these moments)…. And wherever it led, the answer came back to me.. Could I have done something differently? As I delved more, interestingly, I got a message that could be attributed as God sent, or chance, or coincidence – and quite a lot of things fell into perspective:


  • The food we eat, has to be digested and then thrown out of body in 24 hours, else we will fall ill.
  • The water we drink, gets in our body and is thrown out in 4 hours, else we will fall ill.
  • The air we breathe, has to be thrown out in 1 minute, else we will die.
  • The house that we live in, has to be cleaned every day, or we fall ill.

Real? Facts? 100%.. It is ironical that the very things that we need to survive are things that we cannot store forever, that we cannot keep with us for long and things that we have no control on (barring the house), as they do not belong to us, nor do we have any rights on these. Now, if the things that are essential for me to survive are things that I cannot keep with me, as retaining them would in effect be the cause of my discomfort and very survival – the questions arises – why do we keep negatives with us?

Hatred, anger, jealousy, insecurity, revenge, grudges – We hold these in our in our body for days, months and years. We allow them to be a part of us, our very being, our very purpose of living, despite the fact that the more we keep them within ourselves, we fall ill, we are never at peace and these encompass our minds, our souls 100% even at the cost of propping us with psycho-somatic diseases and neurological conditions. We are willing to spend 000’s if not millions spending on curing us via medicines, doctors, psychiatrists, meditation classes to be “at peace”, but will not on our own cleanse these from our systems. We will allow these to be very cause of our existence and in many cases, if not all – we even “transfer” these as part of our legacies to our next generation and many a time, as proven in history, to entire communities, cultures for them to carry this on.

Civilizations have been destroyed due to these negatives, families destroyed, even at our final moments when the aim is to go in peace, the negatives come to haunt us, taking away that moment of bliss that is so very much needed at that time. Ill will, anger, jealousy all takes center stage at good moments leading us to never being able to enjoy precious moments of joy and happiness. Sorrow is part of everyone’s life, challenges are a dime a dozen and if we allow ourselves to be clouded by such, is life worth living?

For sure – not an easy process, but if we are able to even let 10% of our negatives get out of our system, can only imagine how wonderful life would turn out to be.