A simple incident, something that most of us can associate with having committed at least once in our entire lifetime, an act so normal, that we would have no thoughts to, but today, has the entire world in awe.

The Iraqi journalist, Al Zaidi, who threw his shoes in disgust and in anger at George Bush, is certainly the toast of the world today. Whether his miss at Bush was fortunate or unfortunate for George Bush, whether his actions were right or wrong, whether he was linked to a coup attempt to overthrow the government is a different topic altogether, but the fact remains that there are millions of Al Zaidi’s in Iraq and probably all around the world, who feel the same way. People’s lives have been destroyed, families have been killed, countries put on the verge of internal civil wars, illegitimate means used to rule other nations, with no care for people’s self rights, their dignities and their selves.

The Americans take great pride in self survival and ensuring the best for themselves. Not one American citizen would stand in the way of a single right of his being diminished, yet it is these very self freedom loving citizens who are today responsible for giving power to a man who was to simply put, not capable of managing this power. A man who had no sense of self, who had for always lived on his daddy’s coat, a man who was run by others and probably his family for their own self benefits. And power too, for 8 full years.

No single person I believe would be carrying that many damnation’s and curses from orphaned children, from widowed mothers, from families whose members may still be in the custody of the US Army. Yet George Bush lives as if he has done no wrong, no regrets at the loss of so many lives, so much destruction, some thing that will continue for time to come.

How would the world treat him.. In time, he will be history, a part of American history and in probably a decade forgotten. But his legacy will be there for generations to bear.

Japan is still bearing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One shoe on target might have helped wipe out all.!