Quite an important statement coming from the head of the top security force in India. Having read this, could not think why this simple matter could not have been thought before. Or was it? And shot down?

One can just imagine the amount of money that is being paid by the Tax Payers to protect our so called ministers, who half the time, are busy finding ways to fleece more money, not attending parliament, fist fighting when they do attend, and have a standard rhetoric of blaming for every fault on the neighbours. (Would their children too be a part of the neighbours fault).

It is high time, our security heads wake up to the job that they are supposed to be doing (saving the country), rather than sitting in a job to see how many votes can they collect to get elected again. Security should be in the hands of those who know about security. Why can we not have the Armed forces Chief as Home Minister or the Navy Admiral or the Air Force Marshall, or even a combination of all 3.. Simply because they cannot collect votes and make false promises?

We need to learn a lot more about protecting ourselves than we think we know. Making statements that we will do this and we will do that is exactly going to remain as is, making statements and no action. We call ourselves a superpower, an emerging force, the next new world. We may have conquered hearts, and cultures, we have shown a never say die attitude, a re silence that makes us stronger from every crisis, but at the same time, we have to stand above personal gains and think what is best for the country, what is best for India.

It is like the corporate world, if it is not worth the investment, go for change.