Another long hiatus, not planned, but invariably lands up….  Too many topics, lack of them, too many thoughts, none, lost, confused, happy, sad…. the mix is always nice….
Reading an article recently in one of the online papers, about how a car’s Cruise Control failed and of course, the cops coming to his rescue. A simple case of a driver driving his car at 139 KM PH, and leaving it on cruise for obviously a long drive up ahead….
Running through the article, could not but help come up with questions… The first and foremost being Why, followed by a wide eyed What?? Putting yourself in the hands of a machine that simply takes you on a tour, with a speed defined by you no doubt, but being controlled by some one else!! Why would one want to do that..
For sure the reasons may be many, long clear road, no obstacles, who wants to manage controlling the speed of slowing down, if some thing comes in the way, just change lanes and so on… All good, as long as we can control this.. And the other worrying comment was, that this is a regular feature now, with a lot of people.
What the news did not cover (for obvious reasons I guess), was whether the driver was alone, or had kids and family.. It might not be a surprise that this could also very well be the case.
But then, transposing this to Life.. Don’t we follow the same? Putting life on Cruise Control, the same speed with which we live it every day.. In our race to be at the head of the pack, we too follow certain rules, norms, and at a breakneck speed, as no one wants to climb the bus at the next stop. If one does, he is considered a slacker.
We only recognize those who arrive before time, have a spot of recklessness in them, willing to put all on the table, in a gamble that no one knows where will end. We strive to be the best, no issue in that, but at what cost? We, who would not want probably our own parents to run our lives, will gladly put it in the hands of others, whom we do not know, of whose powers we may not have the full inkling, but will do so, as that guarantees success.. For sure, life starts well, as it gears speed, it definitely moves to a Cruise mode, but what is also necessary is at what speed that Cruise is..
If we are unable to control that cruise and get off it when we need to, is it really worth it?