“It is all a matter of perception! Keep your mind and eyes open.”

“All of it. The boat, river, trees.. Basically, the works.”

“Ok. Best bet, Auto. It determines the depth, distance, light, focus; takes all into consideration. Say, it thinks for you.”

“Wow. What about these M, A, S…  What are they for?

“Don’t worry. Lots of time to learn those. If you have the patience and interest.

Mike was lost in the viewfinder again, lost in the contraption. Jim smiled. Four hours since Mike had gotten into trouble. No small achievement, this.

This Photography project just might work.

The image gave me two thoughts, the second one, available on this link titled “Family Day”.

Friday Fictioneers. 100 Words or less Short story, courtesy Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.
More stories on the Friday Fiction, Sept 11 edition, click link.
Word Count: 100 (Started with 150, big effort to bring this post down)
Photo Credit: Jennifer Pendergast