The greeting that you get and give for most of the 1st few days every year to all and sundry. At 12 AM you start wishing all and sundry, many of whom one may not even know, simply because they are next to you. A few days later, the thrill subsides, the grind continues and you are back to the same rigour, as if last year was still on.

We inquire about resolutions broken, news ones made, resolutions planned and resolutions under thought still. How many do we achieve, how many do we make simply because we are left out if we do not have one, how many are made due to the fact that we were too lazy to implement any changes in our life during the year, when it was perfectly practical to do so, yet we move these to the end of the year, knowing fully well, that we will not be achieving them any which ways.

Yet, we do. We promise ourselves a better tomorrow, when we actually lose out to a possible fabulous today. Many a year, month, week, day is lost due to this and then one fine day, we tell ourselves, Damn, should have done this 5 years ago. We promise to improve. Next year.

Taking another view, I put the above into a time perspective: 31,536,000 seconds; 525,600 minutes; 8,760 hours; 365 Days; One year.

Simplistically, if in an average day, 10 hours are spent towards sleeping, eating and our routine activities, we have lost a 152 days straight. Add another 8 hours a day towards work (taking a one day weekend). Oh, 104 days gone. What do we have? 108 days out of 365. Take a vacation, holidays, say another 30 days, leaving us roughly 90 days (factoring back the sleeping time) to do something constructive.

An alternate calculation gave me similar stats: 10 hours a day in sleeping, eating; 8 hours at work, leaving us 6 hours a day for 365 days. Spreading it evenly, we achieve 2,190 hours or more accurately speaking 91.25 days, a similar call. At best, we would look at a 100 days.

Either way, the bottom line was 3 Months in a year, to do something other than what we need to do to survive. 3 Months! To put a twist, what if God suddenly decides, tomorrow life changes and we get our 91 days at one stretch. The remaining we simply spend on sleeping and working. You miss it, poof! Gone!

Looking at myself and when I think back on the year, as to what did I resolve, many things come to mind, but the question is, what is it that I would be proud of? After a lot of thought, my positives for the year:

  1. Family holiday. Time just with family and friends.
  2. Not many books, but compared to the fact that I read only one book in 2014, doing 5 was an achievement.
  3. Continue writing. Always starts with a bang, slows down, but overall still managed to get in a good number of posts on the different sites I manage.
  4. Joined new groups meeting new people. Specialty was waking up early in the morning and heading off to open expanses to see the Sunrise.
  5. Got my own place. Years of dreaming, wishing, finally managed to get that elusive thing that we all work for.

Yes, not very bragworthy stuff, but hey, I am happy with these. The down’s was losing family to the age old circle of life, worthwhile was met some, never saw some for years.

Time comes and goes. We all know that. It never stays still. Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, and yet we waste our today, is a famous adage. It could be a call to a loved one that we keep for tomorrow, it could be the Annual Day function that we will surely attend next year, forgetting that we missed the last three, it could be the doctor’s visit and he tells us when we finally go. If you had come one month ago. We simply forget to live our today’s.

New Year Goals

Personally, I do not keep resolutions (never could achieve them) what I aim to live with is the concept, that live your today’s. Yes, I don’t succeed always, but if I can live 50% of those 90 days in today, surely life would be different. Ironically, the last message that I got for 2015:

  1. DDLJ was released 22 years ago.
  2. Windows XP was released 15 years ago, in 2001.
  3. The new Millennium is more than a decade old.
  4. Pierce Brosnan last acted as James Bond 13 years ago.
  5. Its been 15 years since 9/11
  6. The Matrix came out 18 years ago, Keanu Reeves is 49 today
  7. Mother Teresa and Lady Diana have been dead for 19 years.
  8. Jungle Book on Doordarshan came more than 21 years ago.
  9. Macaulay Culkin is 35. Home Alone came out over 25 years ago.
  10. Terminator 2 is 25 years old. Edward Furlong who portrayed kid John Connor is 39 now.
  11. Sean Connery is 84 years old and retired.
  12. The youngest Spice Girl is 39 , the oldest Backstreet Boy 43, Madonna 57
  13. John Lennon died 35 years ago
  14. Harry Potter book first came out 19 years ago!
  15. The first season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S was aired 19 years ago!
  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger is older than Independent India. He was born in June 1947
  17. Kids born in 1996 can legally drive, drink and vote this year.
  18. Jurassic Park is older than Justin Bieber.
  19. The song Summer of 69? Released 31 years ago.
  20. Kids whom you remember in their diapers are posting their pics on Facebook.