Family Weddings are great. Not coz you get to wear so many sets of clothes in one day, or get free food, but for the sheer fact that you get to see so many of your family members that you normally dont, or simply do not have the time to meet. You have noise every where, no one for some reason can talk softly, people shedding thier inhibitions, with no care in the world.

It is a chance to meet old relatives, meet their kids, realize how tall they have grown and how much of your hair has either gone white or completly gone. There were people I had no clue about, people who I had not seen before and people I did not know existed.

This was an interesting feeling, people meeting each other, kids being shown around and gasps of plesant surprises. It to me is a lesson in history, showing that we too have a past, we too have a present and will definitely have a future.

For the last three days, I have been going through the same with a multitude of functions, gatherings, feelings and finally the wedding.

A wedding as they say is not a meeting of two people, but a meeting of two families, and how they learn to co live among themselves. It is the start of a new life for not only the two people who are the cynosure of all eyes, but also a new beginning for the entire families, who now have an extended family and new relations.

The only downside I feel is the emptiness that engulfs you once the festivities are all over. You have met so many of your family, a tendency of loneliness creeps up upon you, once people leave and get along with their own lives again. But that as they say is life. It would not be fun without the joys and sorrows that come along with it. You are glad when one hectic gathering gets over, you can not wait for the next!

Rajesh, Dec 8, 2008