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A morbid topic, or a headline one would say.. Depressing, Mood breaking, the embodiment of darkness. Many other words that describe one of the most hated and feared word in a human being’s life, but a stark reality that all of us have to endure at some point or the other.
Why have I selected this as my thought? Why so morose? No, have not gone through this, thank God, but a similar incident on a known person shook the floor beneath.. Literally..
All started with a simple message on my FB wall… “Dear Friends, Our class mate “ABC”, who we all studied with, is no more. Was not well, and unfortunately have to announce that he has left us.”
A two liner. One would think that ok, we all know that every one who comes has to leave one day.. But what was shocking was that this was a friend we all grew up with, who we had studied with, played with, fought with, passed off through college.. Just about 2 decades ago….
As time passes, we all get a year older, and of course, we don’t fall in the 20+ category any more, but then neither do we fall in the 50+ category or the 80+ or whatever… The entire group being in the 40 – 45 range, an incident like this was not even in the horizon.. Not that we are great fit people, but of course, like every “young” person, we too thought that death was far away if any thing else..
Further details gave light that our class mate had a brain problem, which came some where about a decade ago, he suffered, got cured, and appeared suddenly after a long time…. This time unfortunately, no time for realization, cure, or even a second chance… It was simply, Life at First sight.
The suddenness with which Death comes and claims a person, not giving him a time to introspect, fix things, not considering what needs to be done, what not.. How would the persons family manage, how would his children, who were still in school go through life, their Dad not being there any more for any of their key events in life. As they grow older, who would guide them on key decisions, who would they look up to. They would never get a chance to tell their friends.. Hi.. This is my Dad..
Brought a stark realization, that no one is past this. We all live with a great belief that we will live until forever. We never think about tomorrow, never about how our families will move on, what will happen to them, once we are gone, or for that matter any one near and dear goes away.
I don’t aim to be negatively inclined, nor do I expect myself or any one for that matter stop living in the fear that we may die tomorrow.. But at the same time, it is a part of life, it will always shock us, shake us, make our hair stand on end when we hear about it…..  I guess that is what Death is all about…
In memory of my friend Anil who passed away recently.. May his soul Rest in Peace..