Father’s Day..

Simply speaking, a day to remember Dad’s and honoring them, their influence on society, acknowledging their contributions. Quite frankly, I have never been a hard follower of any of these prescribed norms of celebrating particular days, be it Dad’s day, Mom’s day or any such day. Yes, it could be the standard dialogue that every day for me is Mom’s day or Dad’s day, but having a day specially for them, does have its own merits.

So is my post to reflect my change in thoughts. Probably a yes, or probably a no, but I could not but at this point spend a moment on this day thinking about my Dad. Of course yes, I think about him every day and thank God always that he is there to guide me, to correct me when I go wrong, and even after being on the plus side of 40, he still does not hesitate to give me a piece of his mind when I go wrong. One does wonder, have I grown up?

But then looking at the other side, and when I put my life in perspective, I can think of so many things my Dad has done in his life to make me what I am, that it would simply be impossible to ever list them down. Even when I think of listing down points that I can say am proud of, of my Dad, I simply don’t even know where to start. Fact is, no one ever does.

My memories don’t recall being taught how to walk but am sure that my Dad would have been instrumental in it. From to holding my hand and teaching me how to cross roads, to taking me to movies, to helping me with my school work, to taking me to the parks and carrying me back home if I would fall asleep, despite the fact that we did not have a car, to dropping me off to my school when I missed my bus, even if that meant coming back home from his office which was half way to my school, to not hesitating to scold me in front of my teacher when I was wrong, to taking me around Bombay in my college search, to coming down to my hostel to see if the place was alright, to not saying any thing to me when I was down with Yellow fever, due to being dumb and not taking care in terms of drinking water, to supporting me in my job search and again when I moved to a new country, always telling me, not to worry.

From setting up my new home, to getting my first car, starting a new life, through my ups and downs, irrespective of his, have always had the pleasure of my Dad being around. Yes, it is the Mom’s we all turn to when in pain and suffering, but it has been the Dad’s who come out many a time with infinite wisdom and strength being the Rock of Gibraltar when you need support. The fact that you know that you don’t have to take key decisions in your life, as Dad knows best makes a world of a difference. It is also not that I and my Dad speak and discuss everything, we both have a tendency to speak less, but the fact that you mention two lines of a four line sentence and your Dad has understood you…. The feeling is immense. Yes, we all have our opinions and we all have our families and our little worlds, however it can never beat the experience that comes of years of wisdom.

The list is endless as I am sure is the case with many people and no amount of words, paragraphs, stories can ever be enough and no praise in limits. As the world celebrates Fathers Day, traditionally on the third Sunday of June, it also is surprising that every country has their own dates. Irrespective of which country one belongs to, Dad’s day is Dad’s day. No, I have not sent my Dad any roses or a Happy Fathers’ Day card, but just speaking to him and knowing he is just a phone call away. Seeing the various posts on FB and all the Social Media posts about people’s Dad’s being the best, and I am sure they are, my small tribute to my Dad in the manner I can think of best. By writing my post, knowing fully well, that this would remain for ever in print, irrespective of time.

My only wish.. That I can be as brilliant a Dad to my son, as my Dad is to me. Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

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