Reading the article in the TOI, one cannot help but wonder at why we are forced into situations where peoples feelings and their lives are destroyed.

A son asks his father for new clothes, the father cannot provide and the son leaves the house in anger. Son goes to the town, gets into petty crime, has a brush with the law and becomes a terrorist. Four years later, in Bombay on a murderous mission, killing hundreds of innocent lives with no thought to the destruction of similarly linked lives.

What was the murder for? Simply for the lack of new clothes? That is a heavy price to pay! Or is it the disturbing trend of the youth who have no patience and simply cannot take no for an answer. Is it the fault of the parents who are unable to control their children simply because they gave them too much freedom when they were young? Or is it those set of people who are on the lookout for such kind of frustrated teenagers who know are yet to decide between right and wrong and is the best time to have them follow their objectives.

The fault probably lies with all of us in bits, as parents, as responsible citizens, as the new youth growing expecting more, as the govenrment not being able to provide the right opportunities and the ones who are simply waiting to take advantage of such situations.

Who should stop this? Can’t say, but all of us have a role to play. One never knows the next Kasab could be from any where.. And all for a set of new clothes !!