The world these days is simply talking about the new threat in town – CoronaVirus.. This is not any post on explaining how it comes, what the symptoms are, what one should do / not do etc. There are 000s’ of posts, mails, updates, news rantings going on about this and people are inundated with information. My post is a view on how life has changed over the last few weeks and how we as human beings have shown our colours.

The virus is no doubt spreading fast – With the way we are connected today, there is simply no control on how we can minimize the impact. Travel a few decades ago was limited, calamities and wipe out of civilizations was extremely centered.. It is not that mankind is on the verge of obliteration, but the way we live, the hygiene levels we follow, the greed we have, the destruction and removal from existence anything not human; our tendencies to eat anything that moves under the name of taste, the way we treat our surroundings, it is simply a matter of time.

But the main point is what this virus has taught us. Country after country has been impacted (there are very few countries, who are untouched), very few who have managed to control this (temporarily); you go to sleep hearing there are a 125 cases – you wake up six hours later – it is 250 cases. It is a stark reality that mankind has not even despite all its boasts, even managed to control or know 1% of the strength of our calamities, which have the potential to destroy our very existence, without even sending in nature’s fury.

Cities, countries, people – are all in a mess. Every day more and more structures are locking down. Starts with the community, the schools, the malls, cinemas, restaurants, bars, the cities, the countries.. A pattern. The markets are in a mess. Businesses are on the verge of a collapse. Job losses in a depressed market have hit the. God forbid if you sneeze in a public place. Social distancing is the new norm.

And then comes the panic.. The mass buying, the stocking, the fights over a single bottle of water.. More and more cases coming up of developed countries, where people are fighting for toilet rolls, sanitizers, soaps, napkins.. Why – no one knows, but you fight.. The food is being sold out.

Those who are not part of the panic chain are starting to wonder – are we doing something wrong.. And the beauty is that all this panic buying; people losing their senses, the fights – all of these are in the developed world.. The developing countries, are living life as normal, probably they are used to shortages. The Western world who have lived their lives on excesses and free wastage are now realizing what shortage means.. And this shortage has thrown their very decency out, their very morals are to the low, they do not mind others starving or suffering as long as they get their set.

It is said, that every action has a bad and a good, it is said..

The good:

  • The Virus does not differentiate. It hits every one equally. People are realizing this.
  • Non Human creatures are getting a life. Streets are cleaner, nature is getting a life from the people who invaded her land
  • Sense of humour still lives on. People still see the lighter side of life.
  • For the first time in decades, many communities and countries are no longer talking about different religious affiliations.
  • Health and Hygiene have become a norm. People who had forgotten the basic etiquette of washing their hands, are washing their hands 10 times a day. Properly.
  • People are learning. Again. Sneezing loud enough to have the next country hear your sneeze is not fashion.
  • We can live without going to a Mall, a movie. Living with family for 24 hours is possible.
  • Parents are learning how easy it is to make a child sit in class for four hours.

The Bad:

  • Fear is the best business in the world. People’s true nature has come out. It is every man / woman for himself.
  • Many do not learnt. The more educated they are, they find loopholes.
  • People have gone to the extent of fighting tooth and nail even for a toilet roll.
  • Economies, small business, Mom and Dad shops, daily wage earners, are getting destroyed. How deep the recession runs – no one knows.
  • The panic buying has no pattern, it is everything turn by turn. The corporates’ earn. The salaried spend their life savings.
  • What will be wasted and thrown – no one knows or cares.
  • Water, the most precious commodity on earth – is being wasted by the gallons. All in the name of hygiene. No one cares.
  • The greed of overstocking is making genuine people suffer – No one cares
  • You may have a genuine cough or a cold – everyone looks at you as a carrier.
  • All this awareness – will be out of the window, the minute this is resolved. And we will be back to square one. All previous calamities are prime examples.
  • Humans never learn. Never have. They, the intelligent ones, always the cause of every calamity. The so called animals – they never have these wipe out diseases
  • Stock markets have crashed. People’s investments are gone.

At the end it may no longer be a wonder as to where we are headed to. As time progresses daily, the world becomes a more unhealthier place to live in. We talk about Global warming and the melting of the ice and the polluted air.. One wonders, if that would kill people or simply the millions of diseases that mankind creates on a daily basis..

Will the World be the same again – Probably never