It has been a long time since my last blog, technically a year, and I did wonder as to why it took me so long to write. Lack of time, lack of interest or simply lack of topics? Not sure what it was, but as the saying goes, it is always nice to be back.

Was watching the inaugration ceremony of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States and could not but be awed by his presence. His poise, his commitment to change, his belief, and his will to ensure a change is something that rubs off on all. For me what made a difference was a couple of factors.

First, the very fact that the USA has elected a Black President over a white one, speaks volumes about America. As Cuba Gooding Jr. said, that one act proves that democracy exists.

Second the fact that a young President has been chosen over a war veteran and a legacy of the Cold War, confirms that most of the world is now tired of wars going over for ever. The world needs Peace, and not some war mongering President, who is probably just adamant to show that the US is the biggest military power.

Third, the expectations from the man. It is amazing what the world wants from Obama. Countries from America to Zimbabwe, all expect him to solve their problems. There has not been one person in a long long time, who has come with such huge expectations. The very fact that he is still standing strong and his wife supporting his very cause, speaks about Obama’s guts and strength.

Last, a thought that does come across, when one sees a leader like Obama. Would we, India ever come to this stage? Would we ever be bold enough to make a change and select a PM who is young, different, and willing to lead his country into an unknown future?

Would we ever gamble on a Rahul Gandhi or a Priyanka Gandhi. Not to say there are no other leaders, but these two being the most prominent ones, would we ever gamble. Would our parties be bold enough to declare before the elections as to who the PM candidate is? The BJP for this reason should be commended. Unfortunately the others are first interested in dividing the population, getting the seats and then bargaining for power.

India has been referred to as the sleeping tiger. Will we ever awaken? Will we ever take the step of leading the world? Will we ever make a bold choice and make a change? Will we ever take a gamble? Who will do it? The old brigade, who we never want to leave, or the new generation on their own? A tough one in my view… Jan 2009