I never realized that my last note on a society going haywire would be so real life that in a couple of weeks, this would be a country wide phenomenon. Crimes against women have been on the surge so much, that it is virtually a challenge to even open up any news paper or channel and not hear about some crime or the other. Leave aside, letting a lady go out alone after dark.
Nirbhaya, the 23 year old girl who was molested and left to die on the streets of Delhi. Needless to say, the incident has acted as the last straw in a nation that had seemed resigned to accept any kind of molestation, either of the citizens, or of the country, or of life in general.
Was it a shocker, was it a surprise, probably not, as this seemed to happen every day, and more so in the wonderful capital itself. Her crime that every demented human being comes up with these days: She was out late at night? Was she wearing the right clothes?
This would have continued the normal way, however a change this time has been the awakening of the average Indian, who for some reason had believed that Silence was Golden. The sheer numbers in which the masses have congregated has been a true eye opener and a real indicator of the true people power. Politicians are being asked to leave, a PM and a Govt who have no clue as to what is really happening, a CM who asks Is it Ok and more.. It is all Theek Hai. 
A shoot out takes place in the US and a President is moved to tears for the loss of children that his country has had to go through with a genuine attempt at ensuring that it never happens again, vs a PM who does not even conjure up a genuine speech of anguish and pain.
This could go on and on, and for sure there will be no end to the incidents and the embarrassments that are coming up, nor am I trying to do a compilation of all that has happened. It is no doubt a sad day in India, but a hope of glimmer as the common man seems to have stepped out. The elected is no doubt scared, as the electorate is now asking for their pound of flesh and one does hope this brings about a change. What is necessary that a life that was so cruelly taken away is not wasted into some electoral vote debate, but brings about a change that will protect the women from more anguish. If that happens, Nirbhaya’s life may not be wasted, though the anguish would always remain.
RIP Nirbhaya.. we owe her that much.