Amazing, when you think of it simply.. A day ago you were in 2009.. You are in 2010. A decade has gone, you are a year older, a decade wiser, and you think.. Wow that was fast. It just seemed like yesterday that so many things happened.
It was just a month ago, my cousin got married.. Wow one month old. Already a couple of months that two of my cousins delivered.. One’s kids are approaching their first birthday. The other’s son had his naming ceremony done. My uncle / aunts / sister, all came down for a celebration, we all enjoyed their company and all went back to their lives. It just seems like yesterday.
It also seems like yesterday that people in my organization left. People took over new jobs. We shifted offices. We changed systems. The worst recession in the history of people was witnessed. Dubai launched a Metro. The tallest building in the world got completed. Every single industry in the world crashed. Finacially the biggest disaster in history. Billions / Trillions gone.. All a year old. Take a breather, how many more can I remember? To be honest, not more than 10 – 15 events. Celebrated New Years Eve, had a ball of a time. Weddings, had a blast, rocked myself out. Gone.
But a question remains.. What did I do so great in 2009, that I can remember in 2010? For that matter, how many of us can remember what we did memorable in 2009? I recall an incident from 3 idiots that Amir Khan tells R Madhavan and Sharmaan Joshi.. Machines are his passion.. He does engineering coz that is a passion for him. Dont do some thing that you dont love. We all go through it. We do our jobs, simply coz they are our jobs. Do we do some thing that we really love.
It could be very small things like simply having time for ourselves. Chasing our hobbies. We cultivate them when we are young, we leave them coz they will not bring in the money. In this rat race, where no one remembers who came second, we go year on year doing the same monotonous things that we do, a few enjoyments here and there, and before we know it, a chunk of our life has gone. We plan to improve it the next year, however we again go through the same rigours and another year goes by. Before we know it, we have spent our entire youth running after a life, that we never got to enjoy. By the time we can enjoy, a lot of moments are gone, and we can only rue for those gone by, never to return.
What are we doing about it? Nothing much, is what I can see. Can we commit to improve our life? After all it is in our hands. I can say yes, but one knows that life being what it is, we will never be able to live it the way we would like to do. But what I can resolve is to commit to make 2010 and this coming decade a better one than the one gone by. Even if it means I get one memorable day.
Happy New Year.