Why do we simply lose our cool.. Perfect one minute.. Gone the next. Why do we, act perfectly rational at one moment and before you know it, are absolutely irrational. What clicks in that one second, that we just “lose it”. We say something that our heart tells us that we should not be saying it, yet the mind does not listen. We go ahead and say it. Boom.. Baam.. And the arrow is out..

We sit and think it over, or do we really? We know what we said was not in place, yet we did. Are we apologetic for what we said? Do we regret what we said. And when we do, does it remove the pain inflicted at that point of time? Words once out, can never be taken back. We all know it.. “Sorry” has no value. And we all stive for it. .Yet we say it.. We totally mean it at the time we utter something.

The thought just comes to mind, as I too go through these situations. Something that some one said, some thing that some one did. We just did not like it. And we go all out. Makes you realise at a later point in time, that how powerful the mind of a human being is. It works faster than what we can imagine it to. It even does not permit us to be in control.

Are we all living in a society where people are all so frustrated with things that the first opportunity to go all out comes, and we do it? Is this frustration on life itself? Is this frustration on situations that we know are not when we are aware that people have short tempers, do just the thing that invokes the short temper. Why not do things that go not generate friction. Why do we have to ensure that we rub people the wrong way? Why do we simply not try? Where does it leave us? Midway in life, with no one on our side?

Can we learn from our mistakes? Do we take the effort to improve, or are simply that way, because we are that way and cannot change?

Time is a great healer it is said, and life moves on. It never waited for any one, nor will it ever will. Wounds heal, leaving little or no marks. Sorrows become rememberances. Good times become fond memories. Words uttered in a moment of madness, remain with us every day for the rest of our life.. Both with the person who said it and the person who was said to?

Is it worth it?