It was a topic that started as a place to visit. Quite often we have a tendency to go to places far and away and make it a point to visit a monument that every one talks about. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building.. the list is endless… For us, it was a visit in the country, a monument built that we only read about but never visited.. The Grand Mosque in Abudhabi..
The sheer magnificence of the Architecture and the grandeur, yet the simplicity of the structure was stunning to say the least. With a capacity of holding nearly 40,000 people, 82 domes, the final structure was a sheer example of proof that Monumental Wonders can still be built in this day and age. No doubt, the comparison always goes to the wonders that have stood the test of time, the Grand Mosque was a simple example of a vision coming to reality.
Words are simply not possible to define the beauty of the Grand Mosque, the peace, the peace, the tranquility one goes through while visiting the place is a feeling that can only be experienced. What struck as the most impressive was the manner in which people of all religions, nationalities mingled alongside each other, proving yet again in this day and age that great love and labour transcends all.
A key element was the amount of detail that has gone into the building of the Mosque, not only from the grand Domes or the Minarets, but the intricate details reflecting the finest elements of Art, Calligraphy, and skills. It simply brings forth to mind the monuments that have been built in the past, hundreds of years ago, and more so, reflecting the culture and the diversity that a┬ámonument reflects. Modern to meet today’s world, but yet, deep rooted in the culture to which it belongs. It brings forth people of diverse skills each contributing his / her skill to a building / a structure, which over a period of time, as it achieves its goal, becomes a true reflection of a Wonder that lives beyond its time.
No doubt, this has been built in today’s times, no doubt, technology is probably 100 times better than the wonders built centuries ago, no doubt the Wonders built years ago were all manual, without any machines, but the effort remains the same. The dream, the vision, the end result when it is achieved and brought to reality, leaves one gasping for breath and it is this simplicity, that remains etched in the mind for ever.
Personally, the visit was not just to see something that every one talks about, it was more to live the dream that some one saw, and with sheer efforts brought the same to reality for all to share.. We all have our dreams, we all aim to reach there, but how many of us actually live our dreams.. No doubt, this does not reflect that one builds monuments, but achieving a dream of ours, a belief, a vision as to where we want to be and reaching there, too is, no less than a monument for the people who share our dreams.