Was just reading my last post.. Nearly six months old. And apparently not more than one post in the entire year?? Why, I have no clue and no answer..And to think I came from hibernation at the time and was wondering why people go into hibernation? I guess, an answer I simply could not find, or I probably know, but not admitting it..

No point delving into the past, point is going ahead.. The fact that I have come back to writing, is initself a self good feeling factor to myself, that I am doing something other than the standard work routine.. Work, come home, work, and go back to work..

What became different? Well a simple change where a day out with the family on a Yacht.. What is so special about it? Nothing much one would say, but the simple fact that you stop every thing in the world, and take a day off for yourself, to enjoy the sun and the wind, the breeze flowing through your hair, the fact that you are in the middle of no where, at times, yet there, simply disconnecting from the world, leaving all your cares behind.. What more can one say?

Had the luxury to do it twice in less than a month, last week of the year in 2011, a few days off, not many, but still.. Off with the family, to a beach resort, doing nothing but sitting in the pool, in the sauna, on the beach, enjoying the sun and the sand.. Just leaving time behind, if only momentarily.
Moral of the story.. Time is indeed precious.. We all spend our lives working out for our bread and butter, and at some point, simply leave ourselves behind.. Though we come back to reality fast enough, but the momentary joy that one can attain by a simple act, of being with people one cares, people that one loves, sharing a light moment.. Simply priceless.. It is these memories that linger for long.. Not the project that you completed day and night..