Long time overdue, tons going on, and I guess that is normal for a lot of us.. We get so down on work, no time to enjoy, or take a break. Have a life.. It is simply Work, Work and Work..
Found myself in a similar situation once again, however this time decided to have a break. A game for a change, and of course planned or unplanned, it turned out to be Cricket. Started off as being invited for an office match on a Saturday, had been years since had played, it was even surprising that could remember how to hold a bat. A few swings and it was like riding a bicycle.
The fun and the mental relief was amazing. Completely forgot about the worries of the day, the pending mails, the tens of issues on the desk, the guilt feeling of not working.. It was simply a time to play and enjoy. 4 hours of pure exercise, batting, bowling, fielding, feeling every inch the cricketer that once every one probably was..
Interestingly enough, two weeks later got more lucky on a work trip to Pune, where a sudden decision by the group to see the MI vs PWI match happened. A sudden flurry to get tickets to the match, calling people here there and every where to see if we could was a highlight of the day. Finally enough we did manage to get the tickets (paying three times the price of the second lowest stand), and off we went.
Another situation.. years since had watched a match live.. Difference obviously was, the last time I did, there was no concept of night matches. First step in, and simply overawed at the change that had taken place over the years. Lights, music, people in colourful dresses, waving flags like mad, jumping, screaming and enjoying every run, every dive, every shot.. The noise, deafening, the atmosphere, eclectic to say the least.. Very soon, I was one of the crowd, waving flags, screaming, and jumping with joy on every great shot. Another moment, where simply lost in another world, another dimension, with no cares of the current.
Nothing special one would say, however the two instances were simply a realization of life in general, where we tend to bog ourselves so very down that we have no time left for ourselves.. Of course, many of us, do manage to split our lives and ensure that one lives a full and enjoyable one, however, it was a stark realization (for me at least) of a time, that had left behind, and a moment savoured so preciously. The choice I guess is for us to make.. We all do live for our employers, but there is also a necessity to live for ourselves.